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We are Malaga CF football team’s official Finnish supporter association. With more than 2,000 member supporters that have joined us after founding our association we have risen rapidly to be one of the biggest Malaga supporter groups. Whether you are interested in the Malaga match tickets, season cards, transportation to games, membership or fan products or you have any questions regarding football in Malaga or Andalusia we are ready to help you the best we can.
Through us you can get the tickets to Malaga home matches always with official prices. We also arrange transport to all matches and back to Fuengirola, Benalmadena to Torremolinos. If you spend the winter time in the Costa del Sol season tickets can also be arranged. During the period 2015 more than 50 people acquired a season ticket to Malaga matches through us!
Welcome to La Liga and “Los Boquerones”!

Noteworthy information

Match dates in Spain are always preliminarily marked on the Sunday of the weekend when the match is played. In reality, the match can be played on that weekend any day from Friday 8pm to Monday 10pm.

Starting times for matches are confirmed approximately three weeks prior to the match. Correct match start times are shown in the calendar, instead of showing time 00.00 pm/am, once the match time is confirmed.

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Telephone: +34 676 6495 16 or +34 952 479 263



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